Imisepela Shibili To Hold A Joint HipHop Show In Home City In December

They are the stars on the rise, nothing can stop them now.

Private Label DeathRaw Music stars Umusepela Crown & Umusepela Chile have beeen among the most trending artists in Zambia since last year. Their rise to stardom can only be attributed to hard work and consistency in their creativity from time to time, giving the music lovers a different dimension of art each time anyone of them comes to the scene.

While speaking of their success over time is a whole story for a different day, it can only be wise to point out that the duo has collectively managed to elevate the standards of the Zambian HipHop culture.

From giving the fans one of the best HipHop Mixtapes in Zambia to a countless number of street cyphers, Umusepela Crown has established himself as a true King of the Jungle, earning the nickname Mufasa along the way. His latest treat would be the sensational poetry, that we have recently witnessed and any critic wouldn’t be so naive to say he is not good at it. On the other hand, Umusepela Chile has secured his controvesial position as the “Artists’ check master“, giving checks and balances to each and every artists’ flaw, through direct and fearless confrontations in his music. While that is not all, Umusepela Chile has always been known to provide morality cleansing music to the general public including political figures.

Imisepela Shibili

Despite their success, not many fans have been blessed to watch these two perform alongside one another (they dont have songs together too, except for ONE). However, this December will be a blessed one, as the two rappers will jointly hold a strictly HipHop Festival right in their home city, Kitwe.

The event will be facilitated by Nivlek Africa, and is scheduled to be held on the 4th of December 2020, at Minda in Mindolo, Kitwe. The HipHop festival will attract several local rappers and will begin as early as 17:00 hrs only to end the next day. Charges are K30.00 per single entry, while couples are being offered at a discounted fee of K50.00.

This would be the perfect show to attend to as the it will attract several & different performances from music to poetry, dancing and many other entertaining vices. Check the full poster below, & looking forward to see you there!!!