Has Chef 187, Bombshell Grenade & Eazy Tha Producer Left Nexus Music For KMP? || Gossip

DISCLAIMER: Before you read any further, we would like to encourage you to keep in mind that this post is based on unconfirmed rumors from people who are close to these artists.

News reaching our desk points to Chef 187 being signed under Kalandanya Music Promotions. This follows the Numero Uno exhausting his contract with arch-rival Nexus Music and quietly moving on without causing so much media stir. While the news of Chef 187 leaving Nexus Music was later confirmed by his manager Superman via That Zed Podcast, ViralTrenddz had already shared that news a month earlier, pointing out all the signs that gave us proof to believe so. And so, here we are again ahead of the time uncovering what could turn out to be true.

How Close Are Chef 187, Bombshell Grenade & Eazy Tha Producer

Though Chef 187 and Bombshell Grenade have not worked together on the same projects from time to time, they are closely associated to one another. First, it is clever to point out that both these artists, are managed by the same person, Superman, which means they share relatively similar interests for the game. It is the artist Manager who looks for the best opportunities for his artists, providing direction and the right income sources and deals.

Secondly, it is worth mentioning that both Chef 187 and Bombshell have worked with the same producer for a long time now. Eazy The producer, who was also previously signed under Nexus has been the man behind most of Bombshell Grenade’s work as well as countless hit songs done by Chef 187. While we cannot confirm if Eazy is also managed by Superman, we do know he is closely connected to the two artists.

Another scenario which confirms that Bombshell and Chef 187 are close friends is the race against Macky 2 & Mampi. Earlier in February Macky 2 teamed up with Bombshell to race against Chef 187 & Mampi sponsored by Betwinner. While this move could entirely be business focused, it’s worth taking into consideration that that you can only have such fun in the game with people who are close to you.

Isn't Bombshell & Eazy Tha Producer Still Signed Under Nexus?

There hasn’t been any official announcement of the Mfumu Kadzi leaving Nexus Music, but it is worthy noting that recently Bombshell has deleted all posts relating to the record label on her Social Media Platforms. This is similar to Chef 187 not having the Nexus Logo on his music videos. We believe the artist has concluded her contract and now is free to checkout other greener pastures.

As for Eazy Tha Producer, he has been the more disclosing one because his most recent Facebook posts has shown him flirting with Kalandanya Music Promotions over and over. If he were still part of the rival Record Label, we believe he wouldnt do so.

Why We Think The Three Artists Are Part Of KMP

According to a source who is close to the artists, Chef 187, Bombshell Grenade & Eazy The Producer have already been given contracts by Kalandanya Music Promotions. The official announcements wil be made later on by they are already working under the banner.
Furthermore, Chef 187 & Bombshell Grenade where earlier this week disclosed as BetWinner Ambassadors alongside Macky 2 & Mampi Queen Diva in a media briefing headlined by Kalandanya Music Promotions. There was no other Record Label representation and from the look of it, the briefing was foretelling us what we expect onwards, more like how Cleo Ice Queen got the Johnnie Walker deal through DefJam Recordings Africa.

Just like we mentioned earlier that this post is merely based on connecting the dots together, we strongly emphasise that this news is not officially comfirmed, but it is neither far away from the truth nor mere hallucination. Chef 187, Bombshell Grenade & Eazy Tha Producer are now part of KMP!

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