Chef 187 Might Have Left Nexus Music Entertainments Without Everybody Noticing

Rapper Chef 187 recently released his first single for 2022 titled “Husband Material” featuring DBwoy Tel’em & T-Low on the Hook. The song has been received with open arms countrywide especially for its positive message and catchy tune. The song also comes with dope visuals directed by Lanzee Cooper.

However, with the release of this new song, it is easy to build on the idea that the rapper is no longer under Nexus Music Entertainments Limited due to certain observations regarding all Nexus signed artists. While this concerpt is still not confirmed officially, below are some observation that could suggest that the rapper is no longer under the biggest music label in the country

Chef 187 “Bwacha” Music Video Had No Nexus Logo

Late last year, Chef 187 released a stunning concept rich single titled “Bwacha”. The song may not have been the biggest release of the year but was enough to raise eyebrows from music fans and promoters alike, as the music video did not only have left out the Nexus Music Logo but was also posted on Chef 187’s Youtube channel. It is wise to take note that all Nexus Music signed artists have their music videos posted on the Official Nexus Music Channel, where Copyright protection is strict inclusive of embedded links to other websites.

Killa Beats Says The Logo Ommision “Might Have Been A Mistake”

A few weeks later after the release of Chef 187’s “Bwacha” music video, Nexus Music CEO Killa Beats (KB) was invited to sit down with Q TV Host DJ Showstar on HiFive to discuss various aspects of music and the direction of Nexus Music. One of the topics that DJ Showstar brought up was the observation regarding Chef 187’s Bwacha Music Video. In response to the question of whether the Numero Uno was still under Wings; KB answered with a question trying to find out whether Chef 187 himself stated that he was no longer under the label. After DJ Showstar explained why people think otherwise, KB unconvincingly claimed Chef was under Nexus, and the omission of the Logo was a single mistake from the Video Director that “only slipped through un-noticed” by everyone!

January 2022, Chef Releases “Husband Material”

As Chef 187 has released a brand new song that everybody is talking about, it is only wise to note that the song just like the previous one, its missing the Nexus Music Logo & once again poste on Chef 187’s artist page unlike the Official Nexus Music label channel. In fact it’s noticeably suspicious that Nexus Music has not posted about Chef 187’s releases in quite a long time now. With “Husband Material” it is noticeable that an “Alpha Entertainment” logo is displayed at the beginning of the music video.


Could this be that the rapper has left the label but did not want to startle fans by working off his contract as quiet as possible? Or is it that Chef 187 has a special contract where only he is allowed to post his music independently unlike all the other artists which are signed to Nexus Music? Well this concept is purely based on suspicion and we have not officially confirmed with either party, but it is worthy to talk about as Chef is one of the biggest stars in Zambia.

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