Diego Daxy Throws A Stiff Jab At “Cry Baby” Alpha Romeo Following Latest Video!

Rapper Diego Daxy has taken a steep jab at Alpha Romeo following the release of “Salute” music video

Both rappers have been off the music scene for some time, until Diego Daxy made his comeback with “Live My Life”  some few months ago. The song was followed up by a music video for his greatest record, “Kuti Nasala Iwe” which featured Macky 2, & Kekero, though both could not make in the video.

Alpha Romeo on the other hand, has been on an ON & OFF situation with his music. However this month, he has shared an amazing song featuring S Roxy, in an attempt to reclaim the top place on the rap scene. The song was accompanied by a music video which was directed by Mr Mukuka of Ink Drop.

Even though most of his fans have applauded Alpha Romeo for his creativity and staying true to his HipHop culture, his old foe, Diego Daxy has plotted out a loophole in the music, stating that Alpha Romeo is a “Cry Baby” who enjoys complaining about fellow artists instead of working extra hard for himself. 

Diego Daxy has spotted a shady line, where Alpha Romeo seemingly claims other artists who have made it big in the industry could have used black magic to get to where they are. Diego Daxy has poted this on his Official Facebook Page: