CP The Rapking Teams Up With Dre & Xaven In “Tabakutemwa” Produced By Vue Smallz

After teasing for this song for almost a year, CP The Rapking returns with a brand new single “Tabakutemwa” featuring Dre & Xaven. The song was produced by Yeah Baby Music‘s superior sound engineer Vue Smallz.

The lyrical genius finally delivers an outstanding masterpiece, addressing the issue where people could only smile and laugh with you while deep down in their thoughts they have evil intentions. Not everybody that cheers for you is genuinely happy for you, they would easily stab you in the back given that opportunity because the world we live in, especially this generation is full of bitterness and hate.

The collaboration with singer Dre & steady female rapper Xaven works in favour of CP The Rapking, as it provides a unique combination of ideas and skill. While the trio are just stars on the rise, its quite easy to recognise how special each one of them is.

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