Shots Fired! Deborah Replies To Xaven’s Song Before Its Release!

Internet is such an interesting place, and missing a single moment could feel like missing out an entire lifetime.
Barely a week since Xaven took over Social Media with her upcoming single (allegedly titled “Ndine Olowa”), another Kopala female rapper seems to disagree with her concepts and has decided to send a direct reply to the unreleased song.

In a video sharedon Tik-Tok, Deborah could be heard rapping to a song whose lyrics seems to directly contradict with Xavens clip shared earlier.

“Broke girls don’t deserve money from men…” she raps as she sternly puts an emphasis on women bringing atleast something to the table in a relationship as well, rather than exchanging sex for money. Her stance has since been widely applauded by men of Social Media.

Deborah, herself broke the internet last year when her debut single “Yalibapenya” went viral for suggesting she had the biggest & most attractive booty in the country, hence driving all men crazy. She has however; established herself as a solid artist after releasing a couple more songs.

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