Chanda Na Kay Shuts Down Lusaka’s East Point | See The Best Photos

Chanda Na Kay Performed in a full packed East Post last weekend in Lusaka in their first ever musical show.

Its no doubt that Chanda Na Kay are the currently leading music architects in Zambia right now. Fans countrywide have been aching to see the music duo perform live, but the restrictions due to Covid 19 outbreak has been standing on their way for a longer period.

However relief came when finally the Republican President eased on the partial lockdown guidelines, allowing clubs to operate during the weekends from Friday to Sunday for a limited number of hours. This greenlight gave Chanda Na Kay a chance to have their dreams come true, and they where quickly booked over the weekends by countless clubs.

Their first Lusaka encounter happened last weekend at Kabwata’s Club East Point, where they where hosted together with other entertainers such as renouned Kopala Mcee Jerayho, Kopala Swag’s HD Empire & Team Supa anong others. Unsurprisingly, the cheerful Lusaka Mayor Mr Miles Sampa was also among the performers, utilizing his time off the office since he was suspended earlier this year.

The show saw a full packed club, amid the Corona Virus pandemic; with fans not paying so much attention to the current National guidelines towards staying safe or preventing the spread of the deadly virus.

Below are some of the best photos we have gathered, curtesy of Longway.