Breaking Down Umusepela Crown’s Latest Single: “Amaka Mwishiwi”

Creative rapper & poet Umusepela Crown has just released a powerful single (and music video) under the title “Amaka Mwishiwi” produced by Ace BB & directed by Nicks Abanyengedwe.

The video has a simple ghetto setup, where youths sorround what happens to be a bottle of beer while they chat about the current affairs. As the story proceeds, one of them talks about how cowardly the youths of Zambia behave, suggesting that could be very influential if only they could stand up and retaliate towards violence and gave Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

However, Umusepela Crown seems to raise an issue with the same notion, correcting the friend that youths are only cowards when they only become online champions, showing support only through Social Media posts and comments but can never be seen in physical support when those that push to speak for them run into trouble and often end up being locked in police custody. He condemns violence too as it does not only rob everyone of peace, but lack of reasoning too.

The song has already been endorsed by several other artists including Macky 2 who share it on his timeline earlier today.

To begin with, the style that Umusepela Crown has developed can take us back to American rapper Chamillionaire, who commercialised such a style where the same artist is heard taking on different characters and style through a single song in order to clearly send through the message they are trying to put across. The American rapper was successful with this style in “HipHop Police where he presented a News Caster, the Victim as well as a Police Officer. However, Umusepela Crown has well established himself with this style as we can witness him speaking to himself since going toe to toe with Chef 187 in the Intro on Chef’s Deluxe version of Bon Appetit. He has since been regarded as an inspiration to Chef 187 himself, with both artists sharing mutual respect over twitter.

But when we speak of this particular song, Umusepela Crown is trying to put across a powerful message across the Zambian Youths, especially with what we have witnessed over the past times where a lot of Social Media influencers seem to build a huge following and support when they stand up against the abnormalities of the Government and Police brutalities but often end up standing alone in the courts of law, with their online audience quickly disappearing in thin air. A few examples of this situation includes artist Pilato, and photographer Chellah Tukuta among others, who have been arrested before for speaking against the Police irregularities.

So, as we move towards the National General Elections next month, Umusepela Crown wants to remind all of us that we can be the change that we all so wish to see, but all that can only come to pass if we put to action all those words and ideas that we share through Social Media.

If you haven’t seen Umusepela Crowns video yet, check it out below: