Bombshell Grenade’s Mfumu Kadzi Album Reviews & Song Rating

Zambia’s female rapper Bombshell Grenade recently released her first ever complete album in January 2022 and it’s a piece that every music lover should find time to give a listen to.

While her career has always been underrated as a rapper (maybe because she is a lady), Bombshell finally put to rest all those doubting issues with her Mfumu Kadzi album, where creativity, confidence and vision are shared through words put on a beat. In each of the songs in the album, Bombshell brings a different taste, while exploring the most common genres trending on the market including pure rap, Afro Pop and Zed beats.

The album was brought about through collaborations with other major artists in the country, including Slapdee, Tim, Mampi, King Illest, Afunika among others. She also brings to record Nigeria’s popular artist Skales.

After listening to the entire album for several times, we decided to evaluate every song and share with you what we think of each one of them as well as our honest rating based on delivery, production as well as wordplay. Let’s get into the 20 songs below:

01. Bwalya (Rating 10/10)

A unigue Intro for an album that we really needed. While most albums are introduced by freestyles or short snippets of actual music, Bombshell delivers a unique poetic speech delivered by Sebastien Dutch & Jazzy Jessy. An outstanding and creative piece that sets up mood for what we expect in the entire album, introducing Bombshell’s royal bloodline.

02. Medusa (Rating 8/10)

Just for starters, Medusa is a Greek mythology goddess with hair of snakes where it is believed that anyone who stares straight into her eyes would turn to stone. In this Hip Hop track, Bombshell exercises her authority to send a statement that despite being underrated earlier own, she used the negative energy to set up her own dominance and venom in order to create a throne. The song features TieFour on the hook, and it’s the perfect track to open and introduce her rapping skills for an album. Pay attention to her deep and commanding voice!

03. Mfumu Kadzi (Rating 9/10)

The title track of the album is a pure Zed beat sound, am sure its set up to re-introduce herself as a pure Zambian queen that is proud of her origin. The theme also is set up to give praise to all the females out there, especially for their relentless hard work. She features Chenzo & was produced by DJ Mzegaman, who is undoubtedly one of the best producers in the country.

04. Bad Gyal Lovin (Rating 5/10)

Featuring Slapdee & Skales, it’s definitely the song is an Afro dance tune with a naughty touch. But with the competitiveness in the Afro Pop genre, the song is not a “one of a kind” but rather just an average tune that would do well either on Radio or clubs.

05. One Day (Rating 9/10)

One Day is an Afro R&B masterpiece that carries rich message of encouragement for hard work and great reward for every hard worker. The female King raps comfortably as she gives testimony to the fruits of hard work and faith. Jorzi fits perfectly on the hook, as DJ Mzengaman does what he does best! An album favorite no doubt.

06. Come True (Rating 7/10)

Bombshell Grenade features another foreign artist; Pinky Jay from Nigeria. The song carries a similar message to “One Day” but has more of a Hip Hop feel, and Kid Xoldier does a great deal playing around with the beat, making the song stand out. Surprisingly, Pink Jay shows off her “Bemba” skills on the chorus.

07. Mwana M’simbi (Rating 8/10)

Mampi & Bombshell collaborates perfectly in this unique sound. It’s been ages since we heard Mampi rap, but she is still a queen too! The tonga phrase “Mwana M’simbi” translates to “Girl Child” is created to encourage females to be confident in whatever they do as they too stand equal chances at success as men do.

08. Lockdown (Rating 8/10)

The first single released prior to the album, the danceable song had set up pace for Bombshell earlier for 2021, as it easily became a fan favorite, as it also was blessed with creative visuals.

09. Good Times (Rating 10/10)

Another hardcore rap single that was released to hype up the album before its release. Bombshell goes bar for bar against one of the most dominant male rappers in the country, Tim. This song single handedly describe why Bombshell was recently voted as the “Best Female Rapper In Africa” in the just ended AFRIMMA Awards.

10. Illest Alive (Rating 7/10)

It would have been a crime to have released this song without the Tonga Trap artist King Illest, especially give the title. The song will be appreciated most by the New wave gang, as it carries everything about the genre. Killa makes his special appearance on the hook, as Bombshell & King Illest share the verses.

11. You Changed Me (Rating 9/10)

Probably the softest song in the album, Bombshell Grenade finally talks her love life and takes time to appreciate the one partner that actually changed her life and make her believe in true love. The song is a legit love track that fits perfectly for anyone who is in a true love affair.

12. Oh Lawd (Rating 8/10)

Does the title suggest something here? Yeah, it’s a rude girl hit single that should make anybody under the sun to move and just get into that reggaeton dance vibe. The song features TieFour and you can easily feel the chemistry between the two as the song flow effortlessly.

13. Call Back (Rating 5/10)

Call Back is another good danceable vibe that has a borrowed concept from Hamoba’s hit single “Shelela“. The song features popular TV dance show Sashiska.

14. Queen Like Me (Rating 7/10)

Bombshell blesses us with another pure HipHop track that has a heavy beat and allows her to rap effortlessly and let loose her rhymes as she flaunts about her Queen status. Xaven comes through with a commanding verse, as she gets along perfectly with her flow.


15. Grateful (Rating 7/10)

The song title itself is suggestive. There is complete album without being thankful to God for making it possible. Bombshell airs out her own appreciation to God, (and everyone who played a part) for making her debut album a success, and she features Emmanuel on the chorus.

16. Lelo Ni Weekend (Rating 9/10)

A remake of the most popular PK Chishala song, Bombshell manipulates the Kalindula song into a Hip Hop infused blend. And who else makes perfect for the chorus if not the King of Modern Kalindula, Afunika? Also, everybody knows party songs makes better sense with Daddy long (Nez Long) who shares a naughty verse! The song is indeed perfect for the weekend. Not bad for a remake.

17. No Make Up (Rating 8/10)

Any song featuring Abel Chungu Musukwa has its own chilling taste that no one can escape. The slow R&B track seeks for true love without the influence of any artificial additions.

18. Grind & Pray (Rating 8/10)

The song has a true Afro Pop touch and has potential to penetrate the international boundaries due to its continental vibe. Bombshell works with Killa as he unfolds a perfect hook for the song. Bombshell follows suit with effortless verses, preaching her success and blueprint to reaching her status. Even as we tread towards the end of the album, Bombshell remains contrary to the theme of this album.

19. Fukunyuka (10/10)

Amapiano is the most dominant genre across Africa, and this song provides that at its best. Fukunyuka wa created for the weekends and clubs while sharing a taste of that Zambian dominance. The song was released about a year before the album, and played a major role in Bombshell getting an AFRIMMA nomination.

20. Backshot (Rating 7/10)

While this song is provided as a bonus track, there is nothing to take away from this hit single. What makes it even more intriguing about this song is the combination of the dancehall flavor with the rap flows on the verse. Backshot was also released earlier before the album and it features guess who? TieFour! The chemistry between the two is undeniable.


Being in the game for so long Bombshell knew exactly what to give her fans in order to write her own history while remaining unique and true to herself. The album overall is a creative masterpiece that is appreciated completely for sharing that true Zambian culture while keeping that sense of hipHop in every listeners mind. Mfumu Kadzi is currently streaming on BoomPlay & other Music services, but if you really treasure the hardwork put in making great content, you should purchase the album from Mvesesani at only K99.00

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