“Macky 2 Is The Kind Of Guy That Will Go Out Of His Way To Help A Fellow Artist When In Need” – B Mak

Former XYZ member now signed under NewAge Entertainments, B-Mak has showered praise for Macky II as he recalls the moment King Bugar came through for him and K’Chinga, despite having a wrong perception about him before.

In an appreciation post shared on his Facebook Page, B-Mak has nothing but sweet words to share about Macky 2, stating that he is one of those few artists who is willing to put his own busy schedule aside just to assist another. This ofcourse just proves what almost every other artist know: Bugar is indeed King! The Kopala Swag music founder is known for bringing several artists to light through out his music career. The list include his younger brother Chef 187, whom he introduced through his famous dis track to SlapDee, Muzo aka Alphonso (despite the fallout), and among others Yo Maps, who is arguably the biggest artist in Zambia right now.

Though Macky 2 himself doesn’t talk about how helpful he is towards other artists, those whom he renders help to usually comes out in the open and often describe him as a big brother that has the niciest heart in the game. While others still have a wrong picture about him, just because they may not have a chance to get close to him, and when they do; they easily change their perception about him.

More than a year ago when producer Killa Beats (KB) premiered his “Diary Conversations” podcast, he confessed taking Macky 2 for an arrogant and stubborn guy during their first encounter, but he later changed his mind the moment he got closer and understood the type of guy King Buga really is. The latest victim to such misconcerption happens to be B-Mak, and had the following to write about him:

“Before we meet a person,we all have a perception of who we think they are based on whatever we may have seen or heard about them. I can’t lie I used to think Mack 2 was an Arrogant guy before I met him,Boy was I wrong. A few years back when k’chinga and I had worked on some records,we decided to shoot a video for our lead single. The video concept demanded that we use a luxury vehicle, but after we arranged for one,the supplier of the car didn’t show up on the day of the shoot and we got stuck for a while before K’chinga suggested he calls Buga..I remember thinking Macky 2 wouldn’t come through for us especially that it was short notice and also Mr.260 and I weren’t exactly the most happening hip hop names. To my surprise Macky 2 showed up withing 25 minutes,threw me the keys to His Escalade and sat waiting in my car for hours as we drove off to shoot with his whip. This act instantly changed my perception of this guy, the rumour is true,Macky 2 is the kind of guy that will go out of his way to help a fellow artist when in need. And that deserves recognition and gratitude. Salute the Ghetto President!”

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