Several Zambian Artists Petition With Spice So That She Can Feature Zambia’s DanceHall T-Sean

Several other Zambian artists have reacehed out to Jamaican breakout Dancehall queen Spice to work with T-Sean before she leaves the country.
Spice is currently in the country on a holiday as she has posted several photos of herself chilling in various National Parks in what can be said to be a holiday.
This has prompted T-Sean to reach out to the Jamaican for a feature atleast while she is still within reach, but the request seems to have gone futile as Spice hasn’t replied yet. So to amplify on the request, other Zambian artists have stormed Spice’s instagram account with comments pledging with her to feature our very own Dancehall Dzaddy.

A similar incidence where our very own artist reached out for a feature from a trending artist happened less than a month ago when Tim (Thugga) reached out to work with Dax via Social Media but the callout has not come to fruition yet.
Spice came to spotlight with her impactful single “Go Down Deh” which featured Dancehall Icons Shaggy and Sean Paul. Spice is currently working to release a new album.

Below is how some fellow artists posted comments on instagram in support of T-Sean’s idea.

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