Zambia Association Of Musicians Issues Statement Demading Respect For Artists

The Zambia Association Of Musicians (ZAM) has issued a statement demading respect for its artists especially from the menbers of the public that are spreading false or degrading information about its registered members. The Statement came in shortly after a named facebook page (Simon Mwewa Lane) shared degrading information regarding an artist who is rumoured to have been bought by the rulling government in order to silence him.

Mr Mwewa‘s remarks received backlash from various established artists, hence forcing ZAM to issue an official statement as below:






We have noticed with extreme disappointment some members of society put our music industry through unwarranted ridicule. This trend is an assault on the practitioners, the Music industry and society as a whole. The need to demean musicians for the sake of public attention is a growing trend that is neither constructive nor productive. Unwarranted Attacks on musicians and other entertainers on social media for the sake of clout is extremely questionable and unpatriotic. Musicians invest with their sweat blood and tears to build their brands so as to represent Zambia as a reflection of our society. In an environment that is completely unstructured this process often requires dedication and sacrifice on the part of the musician.
With very few supporting pillars, the road to success is often a daunting task that in many ways is generally under appreciated by society. Once Musicians have created big brand names, they become easy targets for those that choose to use their names in disrepute so as to elevate their own stature; A disconcerting trend that has no place in our society and one that must be aggressively rejected by all well meaning citizens.
This morning authors of a social media account on Facebook going by “Simon Mwelwa Lane” made assertions that are both disparaging and retrogressive towards the development of the Zambian entertainment sector and Zambian music practitioners in particular. The comments are extremely regretful and offer all well meaning Zambians an opportunity for self evaluation of our patriotism. To attach any value to the artists freedom of expression is unfathomable even in a meaningless debate, this is irresponsible rhetoric that has overarching implications on the music industry and ultimately the entire entertainment sector. To publicly devalue a whole industry without seeking understanding is at the very least disappointing. We urge the authors of this page to do some research regarding the real value the industry has, the role it plays in society and if better supported what impact the music industry may make to the countries GDP.
To our fellow compatriots we urge you to support your home grown talent in all ways. Buy Zambian music, speak well about Zambian Musicians; the information you put to out on social media is not restricted to a small group that share your views about a particular musician but to the entire world. Zambian musicians represent all Zambians and as such should be held to a high moral standard, in the same light, society has a role to play in esteeming those that export our culture through all art forms. We can learn from other African countries that have risen above petty banter an unnecessary debate around the importance of the music industry in how they have achieved great strides in exporting their culture while economically empowering their musicians simply by a support by all means policy.
Lets remember and apply the core principles on which our forefathers fought for and built this nation.

One Zambia One Nation, United with one voice Thank you,

Tivo Shikapwashya
National Chairperson