“Poems Liberate Me” By Yunus Caesar | Short Poem

This poem was written moments after a man is heartbroken by the woman he has loved his entire life. It is an expression of self pity and anguish because the man had dedicated all his life at getting better, improving the status of this woman and offering relentless love effortlessly.

Despite all the pleasures that could be sorrounding this man, nothing seems to make sense in the moment as his heart bleeds and the only place to find comfort could lie deep into the secret poems..



(By Yunus Caesar)

Ever been so hurt to an extent you feel like puking,
Can’t cry, can’t eat, can’t sleep can’t focus
And everything you do makes you feel like you are not good enough just relying on your playlist?
In a crowded room but feeling lonely.
6 ladies on speed dial but non of them can equal what you truly thirst for?

Sex for distraction of your purest hurt
Smiles for the show
Tons of memes but still sad and lonely.
Reciting poem after poem, metaphors and smilies,
Trying to configure the lost signal crying through your statuses
Bleeding through your memes
And finding comfort in fake conversations.
Re-reading your last best conversation. Taking a stroll in your own memories, discovering deceit that you covered up because of love.
Cruel Behavior was shown at the start but still chose to rise above that because the feeling was all that you had trusted with all your might.

Couple shots every night
Replaying the VNs everynight
Pillows on your head as you scream through it
Stare after stare in the mirror blaming your looks, weighing your worth
Often checking the words that came out of your mouth,like.
Asking yourself, maybe it was the way you talk,
Maybe it’s in the way you walk, maybe it’s in the way you kiss,
Maybe your peace wasn’t her bliss,
Maybe your love language was jibberish,
Maybe your sacrifices were mistook for selfish.

Putting your all in unpolished gem when everyone told you not to but you did it anyway.
When morality was demanded from you, out of respect you responded with plates to her family
Commitment shown via the plates action
Truthful to the core.

Dreams were supported to the extent of starving your own
Maturity poured till it felt like kneeling down
Respect was shown
Attention was given till she felt invaded
Broken code songs were sung for her smile

But still all this was met with a three month side nigga she has been screwing.

Now all is left is a chest without a heart
Lungs without air
Thoughts dancing with the devil in the air
Caught in between hate, hurt and regret

Fuck I should have cheated.