Vue Smallz: A Complete Biography About Chingola’s Talent Powerhouse

"Producer Vue Smallz has dedicated his efforts to push other talented artists to the limelight while keeping himself way low in the background. A pure sacrifice that has won him alot of respect from various personalities..."


Bruce Inambao Nawa, populary known as Vue Smallz was born in Lusaka being the first born in a family of three. He moved to Chingola in 1996 after losing his father and completed his his education at Kabundi High School.
As early as Grade 9, Vue Smallz was so much interested in music as he could be noticed doing rap verses and often playing beats using sticks and just beating them everywhere to make a sound. However, he was determined to complete his education before getting serious into making music.

By the time he completed school he had lost his touch in rap music and he was more passionate in producing. He actually started his production using a stereo,, where him and friends could just by a blank tapes and record themselves in other peoples songs using the trick of killing off the base in an actual song to remain with a beat and use it to recreate another song. This actally attracted so many inspired artists and gave him enough courage to start an actual studio and start a professional record label. But since he did not have the right assets and studio equipment, Vue Smallz tapped into a personal business selling phones, talktime and simcards which helped him raise some money to buy a mixer, studio microphone and and other necessary studio equipment.

Yeah Baby Music

Having established a small space to start a recording studio, Vue Smallz was determined to make a huge impact in the Zambian music industry especially that by then the industry was still very small and was just on the verge of growing. He recorded quite a number of unserground artists, at the same time expertising his skill with experience.
He started to gain countrywide recognition when he first recorded Camstar‘s “Who am I” in 2015. However, his most notable and probably the biggest artist to record was Coziem, who has been signed by Alpha Entertainments. Vue Smallz and Coziem have been friends since only time could tell, until this very day and have workeds on countless projects together.
However, Vue Smallz only Mixtape “Hustlers Dream To Success” which was released in November 2017 pioneered to his full establishment as a music producer, introducing several upcoming artists who wouls then be signed under his name.

Archievements & Future Plans

Despite having little recognition on a commercial level, Vue Smallz have managed to nature alot of underground artists with perfect decipline and guidelines. Artists such as CP The Rapking, Nibro, Kendra Boo, Noiy P and Clarrette Normans are among the few artists that he can claim to have worked under his name. He currently have more than 20 artists that are signed under his record Label Yeah Baby Music and he still wish to include a few more to his army. The artists under his name normally call him “Dr Vue Small” because they believe he feeds them with the correct medicine and create a right mindset for artists to develop their music life as a business.
The studio has greatly been improved with modern equipment including live band, multi sessions and more. Vue smallz has recently introduced his own cloth printing channel as he offers the general public with the YBM merch.
He however has this greater vision of having a nationalwide influence, despite his desire to remain on a low key and not living in the spotlight. He believes his artists will soon take over the continent, as most of them have started to be recognised by bigger organisations for example Tremaya who is now worjing with Rite Media and Clarrette Nornmans who was recently endorsed by Chanda Mbao for the “One Zambia Project“.

Apparently, Vue Smallz is more focussed on selling his clothing line & merch, which is doing extra well on the copperbelt.