Vlogger Simom Mwewa Goes Lawyerless in Defamation Case Against Tasila Lungu, Faces Jail Time

In a surprising turn of events at the Lusaka Magistrate Court, Simom Mwewa, the prominent vlogger hailing from Simoson Building, appeared today without legal representation as he faces charges of defamation and cyberbullying filed against him by Tasila Lungu.

The legal dispute stems from Mwewa’s allegations that Tasila Lungu was involved in the acquisition of a bank along with its assets, accusations that have landed him in court.

Rather than being flanked by legal counsel, Mwewa took the unconventional step of choosing to represent himself during the court proceedings. This unexpected move raised eyebrows among court attendees and legal observers.

During the hearing, Mwewa maintained his stance, insisting on representing himself in the defamation and cyberbullying case brought against him by Tasila Lungu. However, the court intervened, advising him to seek legal representation and guiding him to adjourn the proceedings until he secures a legal team.

As a result, the case has been rescheduled for December 18th and 20th to allow Mwewa ample time to find suitable legal representation. The gravity of the charges he faces should not be underestimated, as criminal defamation carries a potential penalty of up to two years of imprisonment, a significant fine, or a combination of both.

The unfolding legal drama surrounding Simom Mwewa and Tasila Lungu will undoubtedly be closely watched, as the vlogger navigates the complexities of the legal system in defense of his actions.

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