Umusepela Chile Teases New Music With 408 Empire

Umusepela Chile released “Mr Minister recently.

The song was focussed on addressing political figures, the men in Government and remind them on how they are supposed to serve the general public rather than emposing power and force in order to be worshipped.

Umusepela Chile has been on a musical rampage this year, overall making controversial music that have topic oriented, from the most famous Snake Of Moses which talked about the “wrongs” in the music industry. Chile made some follow ups with other hit singles such as Satan and Am Ready



However, the song Mr Minister does not limit the Snake Of Moses hit maker from creating newer music. This week, the Private Label Deathraw Music activist has been teasing fans of new colaborative music and it is obvious that the other guy is Sub Sabala, of the famous 408 Empire.

In a disclosed video, Umusepela Chile has given away to the fans of what seems to be a behind the scenes video shoot for their upcoming music. And since Umusepela Chile has the tendancy of releasing both the audio & video at the same time, it can be assumed this new project will come to us this Friday, also his signature release day.

Take a look at the video below and enjoy seeing both artists pose as school kids for a while…