Umusepela Chile Gives Out His Personal Advice On The Upcoming Elections With New Single “Tamba Tower”

Controversial lyricist & human rights advocate rapper Umusepela Chile has also chipped in with his advice prior to the Zambian General Elections with a brand new single titled “Tamba Tower” produced by Ollee Benjamin.

Umusepela Chile has always been known to make his thoughts clear when it comes to major national issues such as governance. He famously voiced out against police unprofessionalism back in 2019, when Vesper; a Law student at University of Zambia was wrongfully sufocated by the the police and lost her life. He also spoke against the the government corrupt actions when he released “Mr Minister” among other leading controversial songs.

In this specific single, the “Snake Of Moses” hit maker has a powerful message to send to the general public as he advises them to not only based on their personal interest or as a result of their current affiliation but rather take their time to acess all the political manifestos that the campaining political parties are offering, and put into consideration the long term plans that will not only improve the entire community but also benefit the coming generations.
His main emphasis is to encourage people from taking bribes and being used as tools to propagate selfish and under-qualified leaders into power.

Check out the song below

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