Umusepela Chile Talks Artists’ Drug Abuse During Stage Performances, Hints at New Video For “Am Ready”

Umusepela Chile does not entertain moral decay, and that will never change about him. The unofficial advocate for the youth works extra hard to preach sanity to fellow youths through his art and we believe he is the Change we all need.

This morning, he found time to go Live on his Facebook Page in order to share his sentiments regarding emerging artists who are subjected to abusing drugs and alcohol especially when they are about to hit a stage for perfomance. He explained how negatively it affects the new faces of entertainment and hinders them for new dooors of opportunity because they do not display convincing characters to potential investors for the music career.

Umusepela Chile Poses For A Photo With Macky II



Umusepela Chile, who is known to be of a sober mind himself has quickly rose to his throne after releasing a couple of promising songs in 2019 and an outstanding EP dubbed “Change

This gave him enough confindence until earlier this year when he took over the Zambian entertainment scene with his only 2020 single “Snake Of Moses” in which he aimed his rifle at all the fellow artists dark side, sweeping across each and every corner of the industry. The song drew the attention of most  bigger artists, radio stations & TV rooms earning him numerous interviews and attention.

He is Today (Friday March 13th)  expected to release his second single “Am Ready” which is allegedly supposed to pick up from Snake Of Moses.

Watch his live video below & join our Facebook Team to discuss what you think about Umusepela Chile‘s message to the fellow youths