Umusepela Chile Snaps At Tiye P As He Replies To “The Culture”

Courageous rapper Umusepela Chile has decide to play “chess” with Rap heavyweight Tiye P 

The young talented artist finally released his anticipated reply to Young Twice‘s The Culture, and its nothing short of fascinating facts. Young Twice released “The Culture” last month, name dropping almost every known rapper and obviously throwing shade at most of the New Wave rappers in the industry. The song included Tiye P‘s commentaries between verses, making it even more exciting. 

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While most HipHop fans applauded Young Twice for his great lyricism, a good amount of critics pointed out that it was not necessary for the RedNation upcoming Emcee to diss other rappers in the game for no reason, especially now when the Music Industry is getting united in order to break international barriers through working together and local support.

Regardless, Umusepela Chile did analyse the song from another point of view, according to his latest song. The fearless rapper believes Tiye-P is the one pushing Young Twice to fight feuds on his behalf. Chile dedicates the entire first verse to remind Tiye P about the respect people have for him (because of age), and he shouldn’t throw that away because he just want to promote his RedNation brand. The rapper clarifies that every artist that Young Twice dissed in his song is most likely Tiye P’s foe, therefore it made no sense at all for Young Twice to raise controversy with rappers he has never worked with or crossed paths with before. 

His second verse is dedicated at sharing advice to Young Twice. Chile tells his fellow New Wave artist to come up on his own, not picking fights he did not create. He pipoints to the fact that in the rap game, the people that appluads to diss songs basically dont even pay the artist. It is through working with other artists that one finds connections to the real sponsors. 


Umusepela Chile believes  HipHop music is not about insulting and belittling other artists. He claims it should be a tool used not only for entertaining but a means of spreading positivity and love. He started his campaign of artist cleansing earlier this year when he released “Snake Of Moses“, a song that got him popular and well creditted by alot of music fans.

He has vowed never to rest until Zambian Music is restored to its cultural norms.


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