Umusepela Chile Sends Natasha Chansa A Love Message, The Princess Replies

Private Death Raw Music controversial rapper Umusepela Chile has been making the news headlines this year since the release of Snake Of Moses. The young talented artist has been attaching the Zambian Music Industry, claiming that the realm is full of dark secrets that he ought to cleanse before paving way for other new artists.

Despite all the controversy and drama sorrounding the talented MCee, the world has come to learn one more talent about Umusepela Chile. We all know he is hardcore, fearless and deep, but we now know he is a LOVER!

For over a month now, Umusepela Chile has been sending suspicious “Love Texts” to another emerging female force in the Industry, and its the Princess herself; Natasha Chansa.



Princess Natasha Chansa is undeniably attractive, especially now that she is taking over the Music industry by storm.  She is now labelled as one of the most outstanding female artists in Zambia and it would be a fantasy only to end up with just another influential artists such as Umusepela Chile whose imagination and creativity id beyound boundaries.

And while it seemed as though Umusepela Chile‘s wish would wait for a long time, he this morning recieved a response that should have given any man hope. The Princess has a short but interesting reply, and now it seems the story is just about to unfold….

Check out Princess Natasha Chansa‘s reply to Umusepela Chile‘s Love texts below