Umusepela Chile Hints At Releasing New Music: “Moses Is Back”

Headphones Music elite rapper Umusepela Chile has been intentionally quiet over the past months when it comes to releasing music. Whether this could be attributed to the Political frenzy that has been going on in the country or not we can only wonder.
However, that break is most likely coming to an end as the rapper has hinted fans that new music is coming its way after a cryptic Facebook post which gave us a farmiliar clue as to what the music could talk about.
Umusepela Chile grew his popularity scale earlier last year when he released Snake Of Moses, a masterpiece which targeted fellow artists (especially the more established ones) condemning them of misleading fans by either not being loyal or feeding a younger generation with bad intentions such as nudity, drug abuse and bad languange.

Followed by many more criticising music targeted at politics, religion and other social aspects of life, Umusepela Chile rapidly became the favourite household name, a momentum that opened various career doors including a record label deal with Jay Rox’s Headphones Music.
But since his new contract, the rapper has been very tactical about his music release, with alot of fans attributing to the limitations that comes with being under the wings of a large Label which often schedule music releases and scrutinise other details such as genres, and topics regarding which the artist could create.

Breaking down the Facebook Post, it’s easy to believe Umusepela Chile regards himself as the Moses of the Zambian Music, whereas the rest of the artists are isrealites (like in the bible). And since he claims to be back from the “mountain” it’s evident he is coming down to speak to the artists through a song which can only be anticipated as a targetted criticism towards those that recently betrayed the people of Zambia.
We do not have much information regarding the song yet, but we are excited that finally Umusepela Chile will grace his fans with something new.