The Message Behind The Epic Trailer For “Am Ready” Will Shock You

After a whole full month of controversy and nonstop Radio/TV interviews, Umusepela Chile is finally ready to move on to his next project. This weekend the Private Label DeathRaw Music act announced that he has been working on a new song, which is scheduled to be released on the 13th of March 2020. 

The song dubbed “Am Ready” is accompanied by an epic trailer that u can watch below as posted on his Facebook Page:

From an artists’ point of view, the one minute trailer can mean anything but one thing we do understand is that the little girl, young beautiful and innocent can stand for a rapper (Chile), who is just coming up, determind and ready to learn. However towards the end of the trailer we see something (Music Industry) lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on the innocent girl and finally scaring her out….

We cannot so deep into this, however we shall wait for the full song to be released then we can be able to decipher the lyrics and be able to understand fully.

Umusepela Chile has been inthe news since the release of Snake Of Moses in which he swept accross the entire Zambian Music industry pinpointing out what he believes to be wrong as well as advising what could be done to make things right. 

The song, having received mixed feelings from fans and critics, managed to leap his career, earning him various radio Interviews and TV Shows alike. While most have been anxious to know what could be next for the aggresive rapper, time is starting to prove that he is just getting better…

Chile Perform at Born & Bled

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