Top 10 Most Streamed Zambian Music Videos on YouTube In January & February 2022

With only two months gone in 2022, Zambian Music Industry has already been blessed with over hundred music videos from various artists. Music lovers have been blessed with the return of R&B favorite Kaladoshas, as well SlapDee who didn’t release much of his personal music in 2021. Also trending on the charts have been Chef 187, Neo Slayer, Bobby East who has teased 2 underway albums this year and Macky 2, who has been teasing for his Olijaba album since July 2021.

With so many hit singles that have already been released, we took time to compile a list of the most streamed music videos for the past two months on YouTube. While we acknowledge that some music videos where released much earlier than others, our intentions are therefore to highlight the fan favorite videos only and our list does not represent “The Best Videos Of 2022” in terms of quality and presentation.

  1. 10. Galaya feat. Jorzi & Towela Kaira – Chibebe || 103k plus Views
Released on 17/02/2022.

Galaya Music Entertainment has promised a powerful music compilation to drop in August 2022. And to kick off things, they dropped a creative single tagging along Jorzi and Towela Kaira as they went way back in to the old school genre with “Chibebe“. The song has been well received by fans and the video was directed by Emmanuel Chilala. This is already one of the most streamed music videos in only two weeks.

  1. 09. Esther Chungu – Healing || 105K plus Views
Released 08/01/2022.

Esther Chungu is a fan favorite artist. Even though she does Gospel music which is not as popular as other circular genres, she always finds herself competing with the biggest stars. Her music is usually soothing to the heart and soul; combined with her humble persona it’s impossible to avoid paying attention to her music.

She started off her 2022 campaign with a music video for “Healing” which immediately became a fan favorite due to its powerful message. ‘Healing’ is part of her previous music album “April” which was released earlier in 2021. The video was directed by Samuel Sakala and King B for Seethrough Pictures.

  1. 08. KB Feat. Jae Cash & Frank Ro – Ordinary Lover || 120k plus Views
Released 03/02/2022.

Taken off his album “Love & HeartbreaksKB unlocked one of the best music videos of his career as he brought together Jae Cash and uprising vocalist Frank Ro. The music video was performed by KB himself alongside TV personality Chichi Daisy, and the video did not disappoint. Dope Arts Media did a great job sticking to the color theme of the album, showcasing roses and just creating an atmosphere of love and romance.

  1. 07. DJ Mzengaman – End Of Year Cypher 2021 || 128k plus Views
Released 02/02/2022.

With over 8 years of presenting HipHop fans with nothing but the best HipHop cyphers over the years, DJ Mzengaman finally went an extra mile to provide even a music video. The cypher itself is outspoken, making fans so anxious to watch the music video the moment it was released. The video was shot by Cloud City Films, and it brought an exortic touch to the already popular masterpiece.

  1. 06. Kaladoshas ft Kekero – Salt Na Sugar || 151k plus Views
Released 26/01/2022

Kaladoshas had long been gone, and the fans missed him. So when he returned with “Salt Na Sugar” he got everyone excited and anticipating. To put a cherry on top of the sugar icing cake, he delivered a classic music video directed by one of the best music video directors DJ Lo. As we already know, a Kaladoshas & Kekero chemistry is always brings fire to the table.

  1. 05. Macky2 Feat. Dimpo Williams System || 169k plus Views
Released 08/02/2022.

Macky 2 started off 2022 on a high note, especially that he closed off 2021 with a collaboration that saw him bring South African star, AKA on board. However “System” has its own dominance as he and Dimpo Williams created magic yet again just like they on “Kabotolo”. With a music video that told its own story, King Bugar was assured to capture the music fan hearts. System was shot and directed by DJ Lo for Reel Studios.

  1. 04. Bombshell GrenadeFeat. SlapDee & Skales – Bad Gyal Loving || 184k plus Views
Released 18/02/2022.

Bombshell Grenade released her debut music album earlier in January. One of the standout tracks from “Mfumu Kadzi” which houses of 20 tracks and ‘Bad Gyal Lovin’ sits on #4 featuring HipHop mogul SlapDee and Nigeria’s AfroPop King Skales. She later released the music video to the favorite song a month later and fans were more than excited to see it. Nexus Music hired Chichi Ice for TipTronic Media to direct the video.

  1. 03. Neo – If Love Was A Person || 280k plus Views
Released 06/01/2022.

With so much anticipation regarding the release for this song. King of hearts, Neo Slayer did not disappoint in any way with both the audio and music video. “If Love Was A Person” quickly rose to be a fan favorite, and continues to dominate airplays to date. Another hit video production credited to Lanzee Cooper.        

  1.  02. SlapDee Ft Yo Maps – Tomboka || 343k plus Views
Released 18/02/2022.

Despite being released only two weeks towards the end of February, SlapDee reclaimed his position as the fan favorite after teaming up with Yo Maps, who is one of the most dominant artists at the moment. Tomboka was released at the same time with visuals, and fans made sure to let King Dizzo know how much they had missed his music by flocking all the way to stream his latest offering. Another big video production by DJ Lo at ReelStudios.

  1. 01. Chef 187 Feat. DBwoy Telem – Husband Material || 504k plus Views
Released 12/01/2022

Leading the pack is Chef 187‘s first single of 2022 which swept everyone off their feet with his creativity. Husband Material quickly became a trend effortlessly as everyone appreciated the rappers support for healthy relationships and gentlemanship. The music video, directed by Lanzee Cooper has demonstrated why Numero Uno will always be the people’s GOAT.

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