VIDEO: Kopala’s TonnyBoy VS Fly Jay Rap Battle!!!

Young rapper Fly Jay was made for the streets. Despite alot of people giving out their views and interests to have the boy taken off them, the young rapper always finds his way back into the streets to do what he was bred for – STREET RAP BATTLES!

Numerous Videos and photos have beeen circulated involving the young talent showcasing his skill, with most on the concerned parties claiming the young boy’s talent is only been put to waste. Criticism have even gone as far as his mangement team (Black Billionaires) being held irresponsible for handling Fly Jay‘s talent prematurely. Earlier this year, Fly Jay‘s Manager Lawino was forced to make a statement concerning the welfare of the boy, but all in vain; nothing seems to keep Fly Jay off the streets.



In Fly Jay‘s recent visit to the Copperbelt, alot of fuss has been raised. First a video surfaced of him exchanging bars with Agemate Junior Super, to both of them hinting at a new colaborative project. Then the biggest bomb of them all dropped. Kopala’s TonnyBoy sacrificed his own bars to take on Fly Jay in a raw street battle hosted by Y-Celeb & King Deza. The battle which was captured by RiteMedia, has earned both rappers some respect as they went toe to toe spitting amazing bars, leaving Y Celeb’s jaw dropping!!!!

Watch the video below & tell us what you think