Tiye P Introduces Red Nation Music, As First Signee Disses At New Wave Rappers

The Evolution Of Tiye P

Profound Zambian HipHop pioneer Tiye P has always been regarded as one of the purest custodians of the rap culture. His 2017 album, RED has been categorically named the only COMPLETE  HipHop album by a Zambian artist till date. 

Apart from that, his year to year rap documentary series dubbed “Wrap Up” managed to win him massive fans and enough respect as the rapper unloaded the biggest stories that might have happened in a single year by way putting everything in a song. The Wrap Up series always built some excitement among fans. Unfortunately, Tiye P decided to halt the music sequal in 2016.

However, over the years, we all have seen Mwana Wa Nyirenda evolve to be a better version of himself. From an artist who was always overshadowed, and often covered in the wings of others, to creating a personal character, Tiye P has been that artist who capitalises on the current affairs, embed his own creativity so as to give fans what they like.

Young Twice Disses All New Wave Rappers

Recently, the “Anajaila” hit maker announced the availability of his own recording studio, The Red Nation Music prior to the release of a solo project by the first ever signed artist under Tiye P, Young Twice.

This single, “The Culture” did not only reflect Tiye P‘s success as an artist but also sent out a bold message that Young Twice is a force to reckon with especially amongst those who rap in English. His song is a dedication to preserving of the HipHop Culture, while his rap verses sends out a handful callouts to already established HipHop artists in Zed who thrive on the blend of “New Wave” music.

However, Young Twice does not forget to show respect to those that have set standards to the evolution of HipHop in Zambia. Legends like Krytic, Soosh Martix (RIP), Slap Dee, Macky II, all get their fair share of respect.

Tiye P first introduced Young Twice in their duo song “What The F#ck Bro (WTFB)” about five months ago, then came “Betrayed” shortly after. The two have promised to tevolutionalise the Zambian HipHop culture by “Killing Everybody With The Concept