Tio Flakes – Ghetto Citizen EP (Stream+Download)

Chingola based rapper Tio Flakes has just introduced us to his world through the Ghetto Citizen EP.

The five track compilation is nothing but an intro to wat we could say a vast pool of amazing talent and skill. With DJ Lunar handling all his production, Tio Flakes finds enough confidence to share with us his story. Through his experience of street hustle, the rapper easily makes us understand why hardwork and persistence is the only key to success. 

Ghetto Citizen EP is blessed with potential features such as CP The Raping, Seth Zambia & Tremaya. Also Tio adds fresh talent of OC10 Zambia, Fruitful & Kella Hillz to give the EP a special blend. 



01. Ghetto Life (Feat. Kella Hillz)

02. Naturally (Feat. Fruitful)

03. Downfall (Feat. OC10 Zambia & CP The RapKing)

04. Remember Me (Feat. Seth Zambia)

05. Nkatemwa Nani (Feat. Tremaya)