Download “Lesa Weushalala” By The Gospel Singers With Pastor Dr. Sakamona

The Gospel Singers with Pastor Dr. Sakamona have dropped their first single of the year 2021 titled “Lesa Weushala” Produced by Big Scenes.

The song is about Christians calling on the almighty God for rescue from the hardship and storms of life. Especially during these times when the world is constantly being tested with temptation and sin, the only way to get through is by calling up to the ever answering God for guidance and peace. The Bible always teaches us that God does not take rest nor sleep over his chosen ones, therefore anytime we call upon his name we shall like receive the answer to our problems.

“Lesa Weushalala” was composed and written by Pastor, Dr. Sakamona and sponsored by West East Institute.

Listen to it by downloading below and be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ

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