The Godfather Debate: CQ & DJ Showstar Exchange Subliminal Shots On Social Media

Zambian Social Media has today gone ablaze following a back and fourth between DJ Showstar & singer CQ. This started when DJ Showstar, on his Facebook Page proclaimed himself the “godfather’ of the Zambian Music industry, ofcourse following his numerous endorsements and praise from people and upcoming artists especially for his efforts to improve the face of the entertainment Industry.

This statement ofcourse did not sit well with some entertainers, including CQ who publicly rubbished DJ Showstars claims, accusing him of disrespecting legendary Radio/TV personalities before him including Innocent Kalaluka, K-Smash & the late Zacadoshas.

DJ Showstar was also quick to reply to CQ, pinning out why he still respects those that paved the way for him, and ofcourse trying to justify his position for being the Godfather yet along shunning CQ’s career. He later deleted his post.

After being attacked on a personal level, CQ did not back out of the debate and fired back with his own insults. Since Social Media is a public platform, alot other parties have thrown themselves into the debate, offering their personal opinions over the matter.

Who do you think is the Godfather of  Zambian Music? please share your thoughts in the box below: