CP The RapKing- Big Vision Mixtape

by Sylvester
Big Vision Mixtape

Finally, the greatest music compilation of the profound Yeah Baby Music has arrived.
This is something you cant miss.12 parts, of well crafted music by the elegant CP-The RapKing and a Vue Smallz Production is determined to be the game changer of the entire music industry and beyond. With the ultimate features of award worthy artists such as Kopala’s Pablo Piccasso, Jay D, Noiy , Flowzer YF , Xaven Jay Thorn, Tremaya ,& Doncozz … “Big Vision” is definetely the kind of music you want to listen to. Get the full songs below.



1. Kokobola

2. My Kwacha

3. Pray For Tomorrow

4. Fire

5. Big Vision

6. Warrior

7. Single At 40

8 True Story

9. Ninshi Walabela So

10. Judas

11. Umunga

12. Its Over


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