Superstar Roberto Has Plans To Release Two Complete Albums In The Next 12 Months

Zambian multi talented superstar Roberto has announced his music prospect for the next 12 months, with intentions to give out atleast two complete music albums.

The singer/producer who is just gearing up for his national tour to begin tomorrow, 20th November 2020, will visit more than ten (10) towns across Zambia before the 26th of December

The tour is not the only thing he intends to give to the Zambian people, but rather the Amarula hit maker has also promised his fans two music albums with the first one he suggests to be “a very special EP” has its first single dropping as early as the 4th of December. And according to his country tour schedule, the song could be launched right in Lusaka at the Sea Salt Showgrounds.

Roberto is one of the few Zambian artists to have enjoyed international success. With five music albums to himself, the superstar has been able to pull out some of the biggest songs in the R&B genre, earning respect across the continent. Songs like Amarula & African Woman are still some of the favourites, with the later song recently saw him being featured on BBC’s The Arts Hour alongside Mariah Carey, and other international celebrities.

Now with the announcement of two more albums, Roberto will have seven studio albums to his name, a move which will cement his legacy to become one of the greatest atists Zambia to have ever produced as many albums.

To find out when Roberto will be in your town during his tour, check out the guide below