Superstar Roberto Explains Why He Surprisingly Took Shots At Jay Rox

This morning Roberto surprised fans with a Social Media jab towards Headphones Music CEO Jay Rox. In a post which has already gone viral, Roberto was seen trolling his fellow artist with a photoshopped image of himself, using the controversial Jay Rox’s “Baphomet” image. The image was part of the video set for “King” which Jay Rox recently released with Earn Chawama just more than a month ago.

In the same post, Roberto captioned the following statement “👎👎👎 Total Trash. Jay Rox Next time you steal an idea, atleast consult from the one that you wanna copy from.” initiating that Jay Rox had stolen the idea from him.

Later in the day, Q-FM/TV personality DJ Showstar managed to host the “Superstar” live on radio via a phone call & Roberto held nothing back, explaining what led to him trolling on Social Media rather than discussing it privately with Jay Rox.

Roberto however, explained that the idea which is his in the first, was supposed to be part of the project him and Jay Rox where working on together. The video shoot was ongoing, when Jay Rox failed to show up at multiple sessions leading to the delayment of Roberto’s project.
According to Roberto, he was surprised to notice his concept being applied in Jay Rox’s brand new song and efforts to get in touch with “Roxa” fell on a dead end.
For the full radio interview & explanation from Roberto, listen to the audio below: