“Since Thats What You Feed On, Eat Well…” Stevo Denies His Latest Lyrics Was Not A Diss!

Guru Nation self motivated hustler Stevo has decided to voice out about his ongoing controversy regarding his most recent lyrics in Drifta Trek‘s single “Selako.”
Most hiphop analysts where quick to decipher his lyrics and realise he might have been indirectly taking a jab at his former teammates, XYZ for delaying his supposedly debut album because they believed it was full of unneccessary features.

In Drifta Treks song, the rap guru could be heard rapping about his current financial stability and lyrical arrogance compared to his past. He also stresses out out how he was frustrated about not having his first full project released on time.


However, after so much criticism and Social Media viral posts about his criptic verse, Stevo took to his Facebook Page to write what could either be classified as either “an explanation” or further “assault” to his already fuming controversy. He has denied having targeted his lyrics at fellow artists, but rather music analysts and critics who he believes feeds on controversy and bad rumours.
Checkout his post below:

What do you think about Stevo’s verse in Selako, was he targetting critics or was he jabbing his fellow artists? Continue the discussion in the comment section below…