SlapDee’s Mother Tongue Dethrones Bon Appetit As The All Time Best Seller On Mvesesani

  • SlapDee’s Mother Tongue is currently the most trending album
  • The album has dethroned Chef’s Bon Appetit as the best seller of all time on Mvesesani
  • All the album sales will be given to the late Daev’s family

Zambian Hiphop icon Slapdee has shocked the country with the surprise release of his his most awaited for album Mother Tongue. SlapDee did not take his time to even market the masterpiece, but rather announced its release only days before the set date. He further went on to promise his music fans that all the proceeds to be realised from the album sale, would be forwarded to the late Daev’s family as tribute.

While this strategy could have not worked positively for any other artist, King Dizo once again proved why he is one of the biggest stars this country has ever seen, after his album  quickly became the trending topic across the music realm. 

Furthermore, the album overwhelmingly attracted massive buys from fans on Mvesesani, apparently becoming the best selling project on the online store since its launch back in 2016. This means SlapDee has dethroned Chef 187, whose album Bon Appetit had been enjoying that spot. Its also important note that Slap Dee achieved this feat within 24 hours of Mother Tongue‘s release.

You can still buy Mother Tongue online by clicking the link below or you can order a physical  signed copy and have it delivered to you through the Afri Delivery App.

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