ShyDee – “Victory Of The Coward” EP (Full Download)

Promising rap prospect ShyDee has released a brand new and debut music project tagged “Victory Of The Coward“, an EP comprising 8 songs.

The emerging rapstar exercises his authority of creativity, as he composes amazing metaphors and crazy rhymes. ShyDee worked with producers DJ Cash & DJ Purchase to put together this project.

While this is the debut EP, ShyDee shows enough talent to give hope for better projects and a bright career ahead of him. We cannot argue that there isnt any room for improvement, “Victory Of The Coward” is a major step for the rapper as he gains confidence while exploring a number of topics & angles of creative rap.

Check the full EP below:


1. ShyDee – Ati How

2. ShyDee – No Bwino Bwino

3. ShyDee – Not Vemwayamba

4. ShyDee – The Rap Bully

5. ShyDee – The Reply

6. ShyDee – Humbleness

7. ShyDee – Keep Moving

8. ShyDee – Go Hard Or Die