Shadaya Calls The Zambian Entertainment Industry Trash, As The “Mixed Race” Artist Goes Wild In A Social Media Rant!

Female artist Shadaya has stirred up Social Media early this morning (Monday 5th September), as she has shared a series of Facebook posts aimed at various departments of the Zambian Entertainment Industry.

It is not clear how or why the stir started, but based on the numerous posts on her Facebook Page, it could be established that Shadaya beliefs the Zambian Entertainment circle is biased towards other races, even though the female singer quickly clarified that she was only trying to speak her mind towards what has disgusted her in the entertainment circle.

Aiming her target at the just passed Lusaka July event, Shadaya suggested that she can no-longer attend because she believed the event hosts only worked hard to push their personal interests, and have been showing favoritism. She even went to state that the event promoters needs to do their homework towards the “ambiance and the vibes“.

Yet still on the same matter, The “Bad Energy” hit maker went on to criticize the Zambian stylists and designers who are as well selective and will only do what’s right for “their people” instead of just sticking t professionalism.

Though she hasn’t released any latest music in a couple of months past, Shadaya was quick to acknowledge this in a follow-up post, but yet was surprised why her fellow “mixed race” singer Salma Sky was left out on the Kwacha Music Awards in which she strongly believes race played a major factor.

And to sum up her stress, Ms. Zaher called the entire entertainment industry in Zambia disorganized, in short Trash!

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