Meet Seth Zambia, A Rising Star Who Is Likely To Replace Daev Zambia!

  • Seth is fresh on the scene but enjoying vast upcomer features
  • He gets his inspiration from the late Daev Zambia
  • His latest single has been recognised by Superstar Roberto

Seth Zambia is a star on the rise, having himself shooting up to the stars and nothing standing on the way. Since his debut song, any music fan would be quick to recognise the super talent possessed by this youngster.
From the cleanest town of Zambia, Chingola; Seth has managed to sing his way through the country. He was first  introduced by DJ Lunar Beats, another young and aggressive producer from the same town who earlier this year shared an amazing up-tempo R&B with the title “Here to Stay” featuring various upcoming talents.  Since then, the young R&B singer named Seth has been winning the hearts of many through his compelling voice and classic tone.
However, one notable vibe about Seth is his imitation to the late iconic singer Daev. It is quite clear that Seth was inspired by Daev Zambia, one could easily hear from Seth using the same “it your boy S.E.T.H Zambia” the same slogan Daev was popular for. Apart from that, the undeniably amazing talent from Seth is being put to use by most of the rappers in Chingola, making sure he features on their hooks for a hit song.
Upcoming rapper Mr Silento, was the first one to make sure he adds Seth’s flavour to his Broken Alive EP, then Tio Flakes also had amazing vocals from Seth for his Ghetto Citizen project. But the true similarity to Daev was witnessed when Mike WorldWide, another promising singer teamed up with Seth to remix Daev’s classic song “It’s Never Been Easy.”


Though Seth has a lot of underground songs before starting to hit the limelight, it is the single Simple Guy produced by Lunar Beats that earned him respect. His follow up was a tribute to Daev, immediately after he passed away and was rapidly trending online. Other songs include Bwana & Proudly Zambian which was released on the eve of Zambian Independence Day.
Earlier this month, Seth released what could be his life changing project. He and 3P came together for an interesting song “Online” which is based on Social Media or Virtual Love. Not only did the song get enough praise, but also received appreciation from Superstar Roberto, who have been scavenging for fresh talent and sharing their music on his Social Media platforms.
Now that Daev is gone, its possible that Seth might be able to continue holding the light for him, by amplifying on the legacy that the Kamba Ka Love hit make has left. Though some artists, have tried before to continue another mans legacy and failed; its safe to believe that this is another time and a different story all together.