Ruth Ronnie Breaks Her Silence on the 2015 Sex Tape Scandal, Nine Years Later!

Ruth Ronnie, a social media influencer who has since transitioned into a blossoming artist, has at long last decided to address the painful chapter in her life – the 2015 sex tape that made headlines and left her vulnerable to public scrutiny. It’s been a staggering nine years since the incident occurred, during which the world watched as a deeply personal moment between Ruth and rapper Bobby East was leaked and circulated widely across the internet. At the time, Bobby East revealed that unknown individuals had attempted to exploit him with this explicit material, turning the situation into a blackmail attempt.

In stark contrast to Bobby East, Ruth Ronnie chose to maintain a stoic silence regarding the incident, focusing her efforts on rebuilding her career and nurturing her self-esteem while steadfastly avoiding any reference to the leaked video.

However, fate had different plans, as the past resurfaced when Mutale Mwanza, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, made a seemingly innocent comment about Ruth Ronnie’s fashion choices during the Lusaka July event. Mutale Mwanza commended Ruth for her impeccable style, particularly her choice of a stunning K125,000 dress. But the well-intentioned praise took a sudden turn when Mwanza added a remark about how she preferred Ruth “naked,” alluding to the infamous 2015 video.

These thoughtless comments cut deep, reopening old wounds that Ruth Ronnie had diligently worked to heal. In response, Ruth took to her social media platforms to address Mwanza’s comments and engage with her loyal fanbase in a live video. Yet, her candid reaction did not put an end to the matter. Ruth took to social media once more, sharing her thoughts on the disturbing trend of women within the public eye trying to undermine each other, a phenomenon that goes beyond her personal experiences.

The reverberations of the incident were not confined to Ruth Ronnie alone. Rapper Bobby East, who was also embroiled in the 2015 controversy, indirectly alluded to the incident in his recent verse in a song collaboration with Miles Came Along, titled “Old Friends.” The incident’s impact on both Ruth and Bobby East serves as a stark reminder of the lasting consequences of such intimate invasions of privacy.

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