Roberto Zambia Reacts To Upcomer Mike WorldWide’s Song “Soul Mate”

Iconic R&B artist Roberto Zambia has reacted to Chingola based Upcomer Mike WorldWide’s latest single “Soul Mate”.

While its not very common for well established artists to sit down and just checkout a fresh song from an unknown artist, stars seem to be aligning in Chingola based R&B singer Mike WorldWide, as his current single has receieved not only an endorsement but a recommendation from Roberto

Through one of his Facebook interactions with his numerous fans, Roberto took time to appreciate the creativity from this young talented artist, and actually encouraging every Love song freak to check out Mike World Wide‘s song through a shared link.

For a new singer on the scene, this is already a huge milestone, but it also shows that Mike WorldWide has a huge potential to improve on his talent as he is definetly on his way to become one of the favourite love singers in this country. He should be able to use this endorsement as motivation to work even harder!

The song Soul Mate appreciates a woman, whom a man has chosen to spend his entire life with. Since this is uncommon in the modern world, such men are seen as heroes. The sweet melody was produced by talented music producers Kings Mod & DJ Lunar Beats. Check out the song by following the link below if you havent played it yet.