Roberto Names Kendra Boo Among The Best Female Artists In Zambia

Roberto is one of the biggest artists in Africa having established himself outside Zambia and claiming superiority among the topmost African musicians. He has been enjoying massive features especially in East Africa, with the latest one being with a Tanzania’s Rosa Ree in Nazichanga.

Earlier this week he appeared on Cloud FM with Rosa Ree to talk about their new song where he was asked about what he thinks of the Zambian Female artists. It was during this opportunity that the Amarula hit maker shortlisted five of his favourite Female acts whom he believes are here to give solid competion in the industry. Among them he called out Trina South, Bombshell, Cleo Ice Queen, Sampa The Great, Natasha Chansa and the Tatuwa Diva herself Kendra Boo.

Watch the full interview below.



Just by looking at the list many would question and some may underrate Kendra Boo‘s qualification to be among the “elite” female acts in Zambia. However, the Tatuwa Diva is a veteran Zambian Music Rapper that have enjoyed her spotlight for sometime now. ZedHypeMag actually listed her on the Top Seven (7) Female Rappers You Should Know way back in 2018 along with Natasha Chansa & Trina South.

She has mingled with almost each and every famous artist you can ever think of, creating massive features from Drifta Trek, Picasso, TroothBaller, Smaq Umujumbuli, Immortal Czar, and many more. 

Her most recent release “Ama Hustler” was trully an authentic definition of Zambian heavyweight HipHop and its pretty clear she has her space in the game.

Kendra Boo is yet to release a song in 2020 though.