Robbers Break Into Rapper Drifta Trek & Walk Away With Studio Equipment Among Other Stuff

Kopala Swag Music signee Drifta Trek last evening revealed that some unknown robbers broke into his home last weekend and waked away with Studio Equipment among other items. The rapper who is optimistic “everything will be alright” shared the sad development via a Facebook Post.

Drifta Trek is hearding to the pinnacle of his music career, thriving on his art to sparkle controversy and Social Media Frenzy. His most recent project is a collaboration with F-Jay, which was only released less than a week ago.

However, house breaking is now getting common among artists, with now two most natable calamities of similar intent following the breaking into XYZ studios earlier in January where the record label also lost alot of its data & studio equipment.

This development was first reported by ZedHypeMag. Check out Drifta Trek’s Post below