Ray Of Lytes – Bwngu tacheLwa Mixtape

Bwngu Tachelwa is a complete hiphop masterpiece. The rapper Ray Of Lytes put in exceptional brilliance into the project, covering multi topics from Hustle, intimidation, love, religion and future dreams. This mixtape itself is an encouragement for anyone looking for opportunities, to keep their eyes sharp and cease the moment. It is built to give back confindence & hope for those who need

The young rapper brings back the real feel for hiphop as he works with various stars on the rise such as Imisepela Shibili, Eddie Dope, T Wayne, Dray305,and many others.

Ray Of Lytes engages super producers for his project including Massive, Eddie Dope & Mr Turner. You can chose to either stream or download the mixtape from the provided buttons below:



1. Time Will Tell Ft Mr Turner & TWayne

2. Privatism

3. Common Gurls

4. Push Ur Self Hard Ft Dray305, Legacy Attitude & YJ

5. The F.A.K.E.

6. Ask It Shall B Given Ft Khing

7. Modus Operandi Ft The HighBreed, Umusepela Crown & Masham Dopi

8. LYG (Ichalo techinobe) Ft Stoma Yomad

9. Ndabakofye Kanshi Ft YJ & Fire Flo

10. About The Loot Ft T4Enick , Trevy Nesty & Khlassiq

11. Serious Bnay Ft Masham Dopi

12. Picture Palace Ft Stoma Yomad

13. Advisory (The411)

14. Get The Message Ft Kondwani Tha Troy

15. Dearest Deceased Ft Masham Dopi & Umusepela Chile

16. Hymn Ft Jay Stripe & Martin Legacy