Kitwe MCee Ray Of Lytes Scheduled To Release “BloodBath” On 2021’s New Year

Talented lyricist Ray Of Lytes has promised his fans a new single as we begin 2021 as a way of promising the great timeline that he has planned out this coming year.
With the success of his last released album “Bwngu tacheLwa“, Ray Of Lytes wishes to cement his lyrical prowess as we get into 2021 by giving his fans nothing but the best version of himself.

His version of “BloodBath” however is one of the numerous mini series produced by Kopala’s outstanding music engineer Massive. Though the sequel is still unpopular among music lovers, Ray Of Lytes is confident that his delivery will alert all the rap lovers and capture their attention, and pay respect even to other versions of the song.

Ray Of Lytes episode of “BloodBath” was originally scheduled to be released on the night of Christmas, but the rapper changed his mind and decided to grace his fans with something fresh as everybody starts a fresh year, and hopefully give them new intentions…

The rapper however gave out something fresh fore christmas, in form of a new music video featuring Stoma Yomad in Picture Palace, off his current album. Watch the video below: