Producer Comfirms Release Date For New EP By Tio Flakes

Chingola based upcoming rapper Tio Flakes is scheduled to release a new EP this month on the 26th, according to his producer DJ Lunar. The debut music compilation will feature promising lead singer Seth Zambia and also Yeah Baby Music super talented metaphor machine CP The Rapking.

Dj Lunar Beats, who solely produced the “Ghetto Citizen” EP disclosed that he will be honoured to release the EP right on his birthday. Check out his confirmation below

Tio Flakes, though a new name on the scene has already appeared in awesome music. He has so far this year released “They Dont Know” featuring Seth Zambia, and colaborated with starlet Tremaya in “Nkatemwa Nani”.

We can now be more excited to see what the new face on the music scene will have t offer in order to win over the love of the Zambian people.

The official cover & tracklist for his EP was also revealed last week and you can check out below