Unbelievable! See What Pilato Had To Say About Y-Celeb

Kopala Swag Music affiliated rapper Pilato is never off the news, and this is mostly because of his controversial involvement in Politics and relentless cryticism of the Men In Power. Apart from being one of the most creative artists that Zambia has been blessed with, Chama Fumba is an active Humanitarian who speaks out his views without fear or favour and it has often landed him trouble.

Pilato, despite being a rapper is not known to talk about other artists, however it seems there is one particular artist who has caught his attention. He took to facebook yesterday to appreciate no other than the 408 Empire architect Y-Celeb, whom he claimed to be “Umukali” (Dope). See below what Pilato wrote on his official Facebook Page.



There is no question about Y-Celeb‘s talent. The guy came into the Music scene back in 2016 with the 408 Empire, a music group that not only took over the industry but completely changed the rythm of Zambian rap music, blending it with a Kopala feel hence claiming total dominance and respect.

Even though the artists decided to do solo music, Y-Celeb has always remained constant, producing Music (& Videos) at almost a weekly basis. There is no doubt he is the most successiful one from the 408 Empire. In a recent interview with Zambian Music Blog, Y-Celeb explained the reason he does his music, unfolding the limitless kind of his creativity, making us understand why he can manage to release songs even on a daily basis.