Pemesa And Luwi Noah Get Into A Heated Brawl During Faceoff At Macky 2’s Olijaba Album Launch

Fans at the most talked about “Macky 2 For The Last Time” show were served with nothing but the best for the night as the most anticipated Lusaka versus Kopala Boxing match involving Pemesa and Luwi Noah escalated to new heights as the two involved boxers got into a brawl right on stage during their first official faceoff. It took over four other guys to seperate the two, as things heated up real quick just when Macky 2 was introducing them to the audience.

Wath the video below:

What Is History About The Two Fighters?

There is no well known backstory between Pemesa and Luwi Noah. However, the boxing challenge came about when Pemesa challenged Innocent Kalimanshi to a celebrity bocing match shortly after “Ama Americans” was released from prison.

There was no response from Innocent Kalimanshi towards the offer, and it is believed the challenge was now extended to any willing opponent against the well celebrated Pemesa.

Taking up the oppotunity, a video resurrected on Facebook, showing Luwi Noah who travelled to Lusaka confronting Pemesa at a car wash. It is believed the two giants agreed to meet in the ring and exchange brawls in a celebrity boxing match.

When Is The Fight?

According to internet posters released by interested parties and promoters, the fight is likely to take place in July this year, on the 2nd.
Both Pemesa and Luwi Noah have constantly been releasing gym videos showcasing their commitment towards the fight. There have been numerous Facebook live videos of both body confronting and exchanging subliminal shots, and alot of fighting & entertainment fans have expressed massive intrests in the event.
Social media influencers such as Mutale Mwanza and Dandy Crazy have already got involved in the organisation of the event, but it is not clear if the boxing commission of Zambia have sanctioned the event or not.

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