Myles Teams Up With Nash In Latest Single “Jula Menso” | Download It Here

As we move towards the Zambian General Elections on August 12, it’s obvious that most of the songs being released are politically charged. Myles adds up to that list with a brand new single alongside fellow rapper/singer Nash in “Jula Menso” produced by Jay Der.

Lyrically, the song is a powerful reflection on how fast the economy has changed from bad to worse over a short period of time. While this could also be excused with the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, the two artists do more than enough to point out other factors & occurences that can only be answerable by those people in power (government) hence the need to let people “Jula Menso” (open eyes) and see what has gone wrong and hopefully make the right decisions when chosing their next leaders later on this year.

While Myles could be a very new name in the rap game, Nash is already establishing himself well with effortless collaborations and previous songs already released by the artist. His affiliation with King Illest & producer D-Jonz is of a notable contribution to his already perfected skillset.

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