“My Heart Bleeds” – Lawino Laments Fly Jay’s Transformation After Photo Goes Viral

Lusaka based businessman & part-time rapper Lawino has bemourned the transformation of young rapper Fly Jay after a photo of him trended on Social Media clearly displaying a vast change for the young rappers character.

Some months ago Fly Jay abandoned his longtime Manager & Mentor, Lawino and joined Y-Celebs Team Supa. Even though the kid claimed to have found greener pastures, and probably said alot of inappropiate things about Lawino, his former Manager decided to keep quiet and late time serve its course.

Until this week, Zed Gossip revealed a photo of Fly Jay’s status compared to the time he was under Lawino.



Obviously the photo triggered Social Media unrest, but mostly it got to Lawino in a bad way because he had really tried his best to get the Young rapper in line, sacrificing so much for him to get to school and stay morally upright.

Onthe other hand, the general public have been noticing Fly Jay just jumping about in the streets ever since he moved to Copperbelt, doing freestyles and being used as a “Hype Tool” for Junior Supa, another Young Boy associated with Y-Celeb.

Even though Y-Celeb has dismissed the Image, claiming that the photo in question was taken way before the Kid joined his team, some Copperbelt residents have approved of seeing Fly Jay in exactly the same outfit & haircut even before the phot surfaced. Lawino has however expressed sadness in a Facebook Post, suggesting that he will be on Radio soon to address the issue.

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