Numbers Dont Lie! Mwizukanji Is The Most Popular Female Social Media Influencer In Zambia

The latest Episode of the now popular That Zed Podcast featured female social media influencer Mwizukanji. Though it has already been clowned as the most boring episode of the show, Youtube streaming numbers are screaming the opposite.
The episode hosted by K-Plus & Elson has already surpassed 50K views on Youtube in in less than 24 hours therefore ranking it in the top 5 of all time streamed episodes since the Podcast was introduced seven months ago.
With only 32 episodes aired thus far, That Zed Podcast has grown to dominate the podcast industry in the country, as the two hosts have been given props for choosing the right and influential guests from which they seek to draw out the best strories and knowledge. It is the flow of rh conversations that people find amusing and sets the podcast apart.

During her episode, Mwizukanji could notably be seen to hold back from most of the topics that K-Plus & Elson were trying to engange her in, but she was open enough to speak freely about her past life experiences and the lessons she learnt from them. This included her past marriage before meeting singer Yo Maps, whose relationship breakup aftermath accelerated both careers to stardom and popularity.
She also shared her emotional loss of her darling male parent, and intentions to commit suicide during her lowest moment in life.
If you havent watched the episode yet, play the embedded youtube below and tell us what you think in the comment section.

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