Mixed Martial Arts Zambia (MMAZ) launches the National Amateur League (ZNAL)

On the 14th June 2022, Mixed Martial Arts Zambia (MMAZ), the governing body for Mixed Martial Arts in Zambia, held a press briefing to launch the Zambia National Amateur League (ZNAL).
The ZNAL event series is a Mixed Martial Arts amateur rules events series designed to provide a pathway for prospective athletes toward national squad selection and international competition. The inaugural event is due to take place in August and offers all MMA practitioners the opportunity to test their skills in a safe and organized environment.
In attendance was the Acting General Secretary for the National Sports Council of Zambia, Lieutenant Colonel Sinkamba, the MMA Zambia board, representative of the National Sports Council of Zambia, many MMA Zambia athletes, and a large contingent of the Zambia Press Core.
The event will be held at the opulent East Park Mall Music Club in Lusaka on the 13th of August, and will be broadcast live around the country on various platforms thanks to Mwebantu, who will also provide the feed to their 2 million followers on Facebook.
The Zambia national amateur league will provide Zambian athletes the platform to gain valuable amateur experience before turning pro, along with a chance to be selected to represent their country at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s World Championships in Abu Dhabi, in November.
Zambia are looking forward to hosting athletes from South Africa, Angola and Zimbabwe, in what will be a night of fights simply not to be missed. Along with the athletes, MMA Zambia will host the president of IMMAF Africa, the president of MMA South Africa, the president of MMA Angola, and the president of MMA Zimbabwe.
MMA Zambia president Benjamin Bush
MMA Zambia president Benjamin Z Bush had this to say about the event:
“Hot on the heels of the success of the Zambia National Squads’ performance at the Africa championships in South Africa, where Zambia achieved a silver medal in the lightweight category courtesy of Ken Nyaondo Sekeletu, we are proud to announce the inaugural ZNAL event to be held on August the 13th…
…This event will be like nothing before it. Whilst we will provide a sensational and exciting night of action, we will equally, ensure professionalism and safety are paramount. We will use our platform to educate the public on gender-based based violence, and drug and alcohol abuse, and to provide hope to the vulnerable.
We are also proud to announce that will be holding Zambia’s first-ever female MMA fights, designed to empower and inspire the girl child and to show the world the strength of our Zambian women.
We want to create future champions and future role models to inspire others to shoot for the stars and achieve their dreams.”

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