Macky 2 Details His Reconciliation Process And Motive Behind Doing A Song With Muzo Aka Alphonso

Kopala Swag Music CEO & now Kalandanya Music Promotion affiliated artist Macky 2 took over the Zambian buzz last when he posted a photo of himself on Facebook alongside longtime nemsis Muzo aka Alphonso. The post did not only suggest reconciliation but also detailed an upcoming colaboration between them.
This pleased alot of music fans and once again showered their respect on King Bugar for finally taking the right step and burrying the hatchet with Muzo who is currently need of mental help as seen from the trending pictures of him getting back to Kasama.

Macky 2’s misunderstanding with Muzo can be traced to way back in 2014-2015 when the Kasama rapper decided to leave Kopala Swag on accusations of being mistreated. Muzo would then go on and and release countless diss tracks and inappropiate statements towards Macky 2, who in returned stayed calm through out the situations until last year when he let it all out in Bobby East‘s song “I Forgive You.”

But last month when new photos emmerged on Social media previewing Muzo aka Alphonso’s current state, there was a cryout from the general public for someone to step up and lender help. That man would be no other than Macky two himself.
Yet, amidst all the Social Media frenzy, Macky 2 has now given detailed information and the motivation behind him getting to help Muzo.

Check it out below:

What You Might Not Know..
I Decided To Work With Muzo Again Even Before Those Disturbing Pictures Of Him Started circulating On Social Media.
Most People Act Like Helping Him Is An Easy Thing.. Its Not, Infact Its A Long Process That Requires Alot Of Commitment, Dedication And Patience.
#ShoutOut To @mubangabornfire , @king_dezaa And So Many Others Who Have Helped Muzo Throughout The Years.. We Salute You.
Ine When I Finally Decided I Was Going To Step In And Help, I Knew We Needed To Start Somewhere.. We Needed To Break The Ice, To Get Rid of The Tention And Possibly Get His Morale And Self Confidence Back.. So What Better Way To Start Than Making Music? Thats Something He Loves And Definitely Good At.
So Yeah.. A Few Weeks Ago.. With The Help Of His Manager King Deza We Brought Muzo To Lusaka And Recorded The Song “TAKE IT EASY”.. A Song About Taking Each Day At A Time And Acknowledging That Their Things Beyond Our Control. A Song Preaching Peace, Reconciliation And Unity In This Time Of Political Violence.
After Recording The Song And Shooting The Video, Muzo And His Team Went Back And Were Scheduled To Come Back After Elections So That We Could Start Working On Their Long Term Plan That Would Include Therapy, Detoxing And So On.
I Actually Thought We Made Progress.. Then I Started Seeing Those Disturbing Pictures Online. He Was Back In Kasama Again And There Was Nobody Keeping An Eye On Him. It Was Just Heartbreaking To See.
Efforts To Bring Him Back To Lusaka For Therapy Are Already Underway.. He Is Scheduled To Travel This Friday.
And Lastly For Those Asking.. Its Hard For Me To Put Out The Song We Did Together When He Is Not OK.. It Just Feels Wrong. But For The Sake Of Creating Awareness Around Political Violence And Advocating For A Peaceful Election.. Am Releasing The Song Tonight At 20 hrs.. Exclusively On The Stigen App.…
To All Zambian Music Lovers..
I Promise To Try My Best To Help Him Get Back On His Feet. Let’s All Do The Same.
Nabambi Nabambi..
It Takes A Village To Raise A Child..

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